Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Marketing That Works.

Grow your coin exchange. Launch an ICO. Sell more with Bitcoin. Accelerate your growth today.

Hard Fork Your Business Towards Growth.

 Helping businesses newly arriving or inside the blockchain.

Exchanges & Payment Gateways

Generate a larger user base and improve your transaction volume with proven marketing strategies developed specifically for coin exchanges and payment processors.


Run an e-commerce site and looking into accepting Bitcoins? We’ll help guide you through the process of understanding Bitcoin, integrate it into your site, and provide best tips for taking advantage of it from a marketing perspective.

Cryptocurrency Startups & ICOs

Startups in the cryptocurrency world need creative thinkers that can maximize opportunities quickly. Rich Marketing can help grow your startup to new levels. Just ask.

An Agency That Understands Crypto.

Rich Marketing answers the toughest questions with creative solutions.

Marketers can’t market what they don’t understand.

Most marketing agencies over-promise and under-deliver; especially when it comes to unfamiliar territory. Rich Marketing understands the complexities of blockchain, Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies – making marketing that much easier to execute.

Marketing Tactics: Optimized for Blockchain.

Centralized strategies. Decentralized trust.

Growth Strategies

Growth is your top priority. By executing inventive, out-of-the-box ideas that can be measured and sustained (coined, “growth hacking”), the Rich Marketing team will creatively drive new leads and customers to your business..

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a hyper-complex, ever-changing discipline that requires continuous planning and dedication. Getting you to the top of Google search results is what we do: by combining keyword research, on-site SEO improvements, and backlinking strategies, we’ll work towards improving your search results using modern day best practices.

Content Marketing

Good content can be hard to find. Rich Marketing offers expert-level media with a strategic vision: video, images, podcasting, and long-form articles. Integrate your content strategy into your social media activity, email marketing, website, blog posts, and more.

WordPress Management

WordPress powers 28% of the internet with 15,886,000 websites running to date. As masters of the world’s most popular CMS, Rich Marketing can boost your website experience with plugin suggestions, page optimizations, user experience enhancements, and hands-on CMS management. We’ll write your blog posts too!

Community Engagement

Bitcointalk, Reddit, Steemit, Twitter – you name it, we’re there. We’ll kick start your community and grow your audience with the exact demographic you’re looking to reach. Community building requires vision and in-depth engagement. We’ll work with you to build the greatest community ever.

Ready to Start?

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Meet the Founder


Reggie Tan

Founder, Lead Strategist, Cryptoinvestor

Reggie is a product-focused, digital marketer with a keen obsession to solve complex problems with abstract, creative solutions.


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Toronto, ON Canada

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